The Best Trampoline Boots Ever Built

A Swiss design focused on comfort, design and performance. Rebound shoes

Kangoo Jumps ®

are recognized worldwide as the shoes with the lowest impact.

botte Kangoo Jumps Rose
Kangoo Jumps fun


Rebound sports release a large amount of endorphin

Kangoo Jumps weight loss


Caloric expenditure 20% higher than running with a shoe

Kangoo Jumps articulations

Reduction of impacts

Rreduction in average impact force in participants wearing Kangoo Jumps boots


Kangoo Jumps were originally developed to reduce the impact on joggers' joints. Compared to the use of sports shoes, the use of Kangoo Jumps rebound boots allows an 80% reduction in the number of impacts during a race.
black Kangoo Jumps boots
pink and white kangoo jumps boot

Benefits of Kangoo Jumps


Burn more calories per unit of time

Reduces the impact on joints by up to 80% during sporting activity


Promotes posture and spinal alignment


Several training programs are available


Promotes faster weight loss

Energizes the lymphatic system

Improves strength and balance

Makes exercise fun

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Kangoo Jumps lessons

Kangoo Boot Camp is a fun military-style circuit training program that can be conducted outdoors and indoors. Kangoo Dance is a traditional aerobic program using Kangoo Jumps boots, which act as shock absorbers. It will help you burn fat and lose weight much faster than other aerobics concepts. Kangoo Power is a highly motivating interval training program, specially designed to challenge the whole body, build muscle strength and endurance. Kangoo Discovery combines aerobics programs, fun games, sports activities, teamwork and dancing. Kick&Punch is a martial arts style program, using blocks, kicks and punches from different styles including kickboxing and karate.

Kangoo Jumps training programs


What a great discovery! After years of not being able to run due to knee pain, I can finally get back into it!!!

Manon Larouche

Kangoo Jumps allows me to surpass myself while having fun. Despite my lower back pain, I can practice this activity at full capacity because the impact on the joints is largely absorbed.

Annie Mongrain

I love my kangoo boots and I remember how excited I was the first time I put them on, it was like I became a kangaroo on the moon, it was truly magical and so nice. I felt like a little girl on a trampoline with a big smile frozen on my face! I can finally run and not have my feet hurt, what happiness, really what happiness!!!

Manon Thibodeau


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